Teacher Contacts


If you need to contact a teacher, please email them. For in person appointments, please call school and request that the receptionist schedule you an appointment after school hours.

Grade Name
Cottonwood Preschool

Anne Dockstader

  Michelle Jessop

Cottonwood Kindergarten

Valerie Timpson

Stacy Seay       

Cottonwood (Elem ESS)
  Leta Hammon

Cottonwood First Grade

Annette Barlow  

Naomi Horsley
Cottonwood Second Grade
  Claudia Dockstader

  Cephas Barlow
Cottonwood Third Grade

Anne Hammon

Leah Dockstader
Cottonwood Fourth Grade

Margie Haws   

  Sarah McDonald
Cottonwood Fifth Grade
  Natalie Hammon
Erin Hammon
El Capitan Sixth Grade

  Dwain Black

Jr. High/High School (7-12)
Career & Tech Ed     Linda Earl
Science Deloy Bateman
Art LuAnn Williams
Social Studies     Jen McKay

ESS Jennie Cook
English Gloria Hammon
English Assistant Charles Barlow  
Jr. High Science/Math Terrisa Thygerson

Jr. High Mathematics
Alexander Barlow  
Mathematics Richard Allred
Agriculture/Construction Trades Charles Williams
Culinary Arts Francis Cawley
Auto Shop/Welding Edward Hammon

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